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Booking A Device Scan: The Benefits

In the wake of new GDPR regulations, data security is a bigger issue than ever before. IT systems and operation are a massive component of compliance.

We now offer a Device Compliance Scan, that checks computers/laptops for unprotected data and it’s value, possible breaches and the format of the data. A common form we are finding are bank details, like security codes and account numbers. This could be potentially disastrous in the wrong hands, and especially if the data isn’t even your own and is your customers. This could leave to a GDPR fine that can reach up to 4% of annual turnover.

Here is an example of summary results:

You can see which areas you ‘pass’ compliance in; as well as the potential liability value of the data. It can also identify any potential breaches and their location, helping you avoid a data breach disaster.


We recommend doing a compliance scan on any laptop or computer you use for work; as it gives you the peace of mind and confidence that your IT is secure and complies with GDPR.

You can read about more of our security measures here.

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