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IT – Why It Shouldn’t Waste Your Time

IT – why it shouldn’t waste your time

IT is an essential component to every kind of business in the modern world. But the wrong set-up or hardware can actually waste your time. This could mean slow computers with poor operating systems, an messy email system or having to waste time trying to fix printers all day.


This could be your home business, or it could be that you are seeing your employee’s time getting wasted through poor IT configuration. Failing to update basic processes can waste hours of you or your employee’s time every working week. This is directly losing you money, as your time is worth money and so is your employee’s.


Here a few quick tips for saving you time throughout the working day

  • Don’t shut your computer down overnight – the boot up process in the mornings can take up a few minutes of your time. Over a month, these minutes add up to cost more than the electricity cost for keeping it running overnight. If you do this, make sure to reboot your computer now and then when you’re leaving for the day, which gives it a chance to remove any ongoing issues.
  • Make or learn some keyboard shortcuts – While delivering support, we find many users don’t actually utilise their keyboard well. Shortcuts such as CTRL+C for Copy or CTRL+Z for Undo can save you massive amounts of time and lets you work faster and more efficiently.
  • Practise touch-typing – Taking the time to learn (or teach employees) how to touch type can boost your business productivity by a long way. Knowing how to type without looking at the keyboard can really save you or your employee’s time.
  • Dual screens – We strongly suggest you use two computer monitors at each work station. We find people that haven’t used it before are reluctant to start using two monitors, but the benefits are overwhelming. It will increase the productivity and efficiency of every user using it, as it makes all processes much clearer and easier. We’ve had a few clients go from a single monitor to using two – and now they swear by it with every single employee. The cost of investment is also reached fairly quick due to employee time being saved.


Even if you try to use these tips, struggling along with a poorly configured set up is detrimental to your company, and putting off upgrading is like not taking your car into the garage for a check-up. Something will go wrong and it will cost you time and money.


IT should improve your working processes through;

  • Increased levels of automation – this could mean an automatic email or web chat response or a scan to file system that runs automatically.
  • Higher range of productivity – achieving more, either through a higher quality end product or quantity. Technology should allow you to increase your overall potential, especially on a business level.
  • Making your life easier – as Business owners are always looking for ways they can make processes easier, we believe IT solutions should be easy to understand and implement, and make their working lives easy to manage.


If you find you get to the end of a working week having spent 4 & 1/2 hours one day trying to get a computer to connect to the Broadband or a printer to actually print, then you need an IT solution in order to save yourself time and money.


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