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IT Stocking Fillers for Computer Users

Need a last minute Christmas stocking filler? Here a few ideas for somebody that uses a computer. 

1 – A laptop lock

Ideal for anybody that uses their laptop in the workplace or in a public area like a coffee shop. These locks will lock your laptop to the table they’re on – making it hard for somebody to grab it and go. They work in a similar way to bike locks.

2 – Laptop cooling stands

Another good idea for anybody that uses a laptop device. Particularly good for anybody working from home. Some laptops can get quite hot and this will affect performance – these type of stands will provide a stand for the laptop as well as cooling the system down with fans. 

3 – USB Accessories

There are many accessories that harness the USB slot on a computer, providing functional usefulness or a novelty value. Popular ones include a portable fan, flashlights that can be moved around, a cup warmer or one that projects a digital clock. 

4 – Handheld vacuum / cleaning equipment

Computers can get very dirty – they attract a lot of dust. Proper cleaning equipment can be a great gift for anyone with a computer or even games console. 

A mini, handheld vacuum could be a great gift – they can clean the fans of computer as well as screens and keyboards. There are also cleaning kits that include wipes, canned air and more. 

5 – New mouse or keyboard

If the person you’re buying for hasn’t had a mouse or keyboard upgrade in a while, getting a new one could be a good idea. There are specific models that suit how they use a computer – so find out if they’re a gamer, a writer/blogger or whether they prefer wired or wireless.

Merry Christmas!

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