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Defending Your Data

November 9, 2018

By now, you’ll probably be sick of the sight of GDPR. The judgement day of May 25th 2018 may have passed but data security is still as important than ever. This blog is about why defending your data in different ways is essential, especially as an organisation.  GDPR Doomsday The GDPR Judgement Day The months…

Halloween: IT Horror Stories

October 23, 2018

IT Horror Stories Happy Halloween! Due to our many years working within the IT industry, we’ve encountered quite a few horror stories relating to the IT industry. To celebrate Halloween, here’s some ghoulish IT situations to avoid… The Invisible ‘Security’ We’ve come across a few IT set-ups over the years that claim to have a…

Jargon-Buster: IT And Computers

October 15, 2018

Jargon Buster For IT Technical terminology can be confusing. When sorting out the IT for your business, the last thing you want is to have lots of industry specific terms thrown at you. Here’s a helpful jargon buster blog that helps make some of the terms more clear:   The ‘Cloud’ –  The Cloud is…

New Halloween Seasonal Logo

October 1, 2018

October has arrived and we’re celebrating by adding a theme to our social media logos.   Check them out on Twitter and Facebook and let us know what you think. Tweets by IT_Works2012  

Summer Fayre Report

September 3, 2018

On Saturday the 1st September, we happily sponsored The Mary Stevens Hospice Summer Fayre in Stourbridge. Despite battling a few wasp attacks and the sunlight briefly disagreeing with our Virtual Reality system, we had a great time. We were offering a free ride on a Virtual Reality Roller Coaster, with donations to Mary Stevens encouraged.…

Keyboard Shortcuts To Save You Time

August 9, 2018

Keyboard shortcuts can help you work much faster on a computer, saving you time and making you more productive. As we mentioned in our blog Why IT Shouldn’t Waste Your Time , they can really boost your work rate. Once they become a habit, you’ll forget you ever used to take the longer route to complete…

Officially Sponsoring Mary Stevens Hospice Fayre 2018

July 30, 2018

  We’re pleased to announce we are sponsoring The Mary Stevens Hospice Summer Fayre 2018! Best of British themed! We’re very proud to be sponsoring this event and supporting this vital community charity. We’ll be running a stall at the Stourbridge Summer Fayre and we’re looking forward to spending the day with the people that…

Tips for Keeping Your IT Secure

July 24, 2018

With GDPR regulations coming into enforcement and all over the news, digital data security is more important than ever, and it’s in the spotlight. Here’s a few steps any user can start doing to help keep their data secure and comply with GDPR.     Screen-locking – Most computers lock or sleep after several minutes…

IT – Why It Shouldn’t Waste Your Time

July 23, 2018

IT – why it shouldn’t waste your time IT is an essential component to every kind of business in the modern world. But the wrong set-up or hardware can actually waste your time. This could mean slow computers with poor operating systems, an messy email system or having to waste time trying to fix printers…

Don’t Get Caught: Avoiding Phishing Scams

July 20, 2018

    Most people have an email account, which means chances are you have encountered a malicious phishing scam. Scam emails are constantly evolving with the times and will focus on a relevant topic of the time, such as GDPR. They will put anything in the email to try and get you to click a…

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