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Halloween: IT Horror Stories

IT Horror Stories

Happy Halloween! Due to our many years working within the IT industry, we’ve encountered quite a few horror stories relating to the IT industry. To celebrate Halloween, here’s some ghoulish IT situations to avoid…

The Invisible ‘Security’

We’ve come across a few IT set-ups over the years that claim to have a secure system. But really it barely complies with GDPR. 

Terrifyingly simple passwords – sometimes even including the organisation name – can be easily guessed and broken into. In some scary situations, the password for a computer is sometimes written down right next to a computer. 

If computers with personal customer data are only protected by a weak password (that may be written down on it!), they are at massive risk to data loss or theft, which may lead to a massive GDPR fine. Now that’s a real nightmare.

Frankenstein’s Cabling

We couldn’t post some IT horror stories without a cabling nightmare. 

An optimised cable set up and wiring cabinet allows your IT and business to run more smoothly. A messy, tangled one can create issues. 

If your wiring cabinet is not regularly maintained, you risk a lot of things going wrong. We have seen cases of ransomware infecting clients and then not even realising until it was too late and everything was unrecoverable. Ransomware is when your data is ‘locked’ by malicious software and held to ransom. Having regular cabling check ups could have caught this one early. If it looks messy on the outside, imagine how the internal set up is working. 

Zombified Hardware and Software

We see quite a few cases of organisations not evolving and moving on from obsolete hardware and software. While a company can feel like they are saving time and money by ‘getting by’ with an old system, it’s a false economy. The main horror with ancient hardware is the speed and lack of support. Users will end up wasting time due to long load times, costing the employer wages and productivity. 

Aside from a device simply being too old to be functional, software will also have evolved and will not support older computers. This means the software will likely not work properly on the ageing device. Not to mention there will be large patches of security updates you are missing. For example, if your computers are on Windows XP, you need to upgrade ASAP. Even it’s successor Windows 7 is being cut off in 2020. 

Phantom Broadband 

We’ve helped clients before that have frightful Broadband/Wi-Fi that is incredibly inconsistent, creating real life nightmares for the business. 

Internet access at an organisation is absolutely vital now – so Broadband that drastically fluctuates in range and speed and is basically unpredictable can be hard to deal with.

Due to technology advancements, having significant internet downtime is not acceptable as a business. 

Another scary thing we see with Broadband is security. We have seen Wi-Fi log in details actually being printed and displayed on the office walls. Unless it’s a Guest network with limited access, you are basically advertising a point of entry for malicious activity, and you are likely to not even know somebody is accessing it. It’s a bit like leaving your front door open and also putting up posters about it. Keep your details secure!

If you read any of the above and think your organisation is suffering the same thing, get in touch!

We are always happy to come and bust your IT nightmares! 

If you need any help, advice or would like to book a free review of your IT set up, call us for a chat on 0121 2700808 or email Enquiries@IT-Works.co.uk

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