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Jargon-Buster: IT And Computers

Jargon Buster For IT

Jargon Buster

Computer jargon can be confusing. When sorting out the IT for your business, the last thing you want is to have lots of industry specific terms thrown at you.

Here’s a helpful computer jargon buster blog that helps make some of the terms more clear:

The ‘Cloud’

The Cloud is a way of storing your data virtually. Easily accessed from any device with an internet connection and the right permissions, working with a Cloud system is the most efficient way of working in the modern world.

There are also many versions of Cloud systems, and you possibly could be using one without even knowing. Apple’s iCloud, Google Drive, Microsoft’s One Drive and Dropbox are all very popular Cloud storage systems – with a variation of personal or business use.


One of the UK’s most popular types of internet connection. Stands for Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line – and is a connection provided over telephone lines.


A system that allows the digital transmission of voice, data and video. You’ll have most likely have seen it in relation to phone handsets. Stands for Integrated Services Digital Network. It’s an old system that has been used since the 80s – and BT is not accepting orders from 2020, and is switching it off in 2025.

That may feel far away – but it’s important to get ahead as a business, and get yourself onto a better system. (We can help with that, either recommendation or helping you set up, email enquiries@it-works.co.uk or contact us on social media)


A modern phone system that runs via the internet. It stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol – and is the best replacement for ISDN. You can find out more about VOIP on this area of our site. 


Image result for dns phone book

It’s basically the phone book of the internet. Stands for Domain Name Server. You can find out more about it works online – but basically it’s a directory that helps you get where you want to go online.


Short for Malicious Software. Malware are computer programs designed to infiltrate and inflict damage on a user without their knowledge. The term Malware refers to all different kinds of computer safety threats, such as viruses or spam emails.


Spyware is a type of Malware that steals information from a user without their consent. It will try to collect data such as usernames, passwords and any types of information that could be sold, leveraged or lead to more access.

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