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Expert Cloud Solutions

When determining the optimal approach to harnessing cloud services, organisations face the crucial decision of selecting the environment that aligns best with their business needs: public cloud, private cloud, or a hybrid of both. IT-Works, a leading company in cloud solutions, plays a pivotal role in guiding organisations through this decision-making process. Public cloud services, offered to numerous customers over the web, encompass examples like SaaS, IaaS, and PaaS. The key advantage lies in the ability to share resources at scale, empowering organisations to provide employees with expanded capabilities beyond what may be feasible independently. IT-Works excels in delivering seamless public cloud-based services, optimising organisational efficiency.

Conversely, private cloud services are not made generally available to external users. In this model, apps and data are accessible solely through the organisation’s internal infrastructure, serving one company exclusively. IT-Works specialises in tailoring private cloud solutions, ensuring advanced security measures and exclusive resource utilisation.

  • IT-Works guides organisations in choosing the best cloud environment: public, private, or hybrid.
  • IT-Works excels in seamless public cloud services, enabling organisations to share resources at scale.
  • Specialising in private cloud solutions for enhanced security, IT-Works tailors exclusive access to internal infrastructure.
  • IT-Works manages the hybrid cloud approach, integrating private and public services efficiently.
  • Leveraging proprietary software, IT-Works ensures seamless communication for enhanced efficiency and security.
  • Public cloud services from IT-Works empower organisations to provide expanded capabilities.
  • Private cloud services, ideal for sensitive data, offer exclusive access through internal infrastructure.
  • IT-Works plays a pivotal role in strategic cloud decision-making, delivering tailored and comprehensive solutions.

The hybrid cloud environment integrates a private cloud solution with public cloud services, a strategic combination in which IT-Works plays a significant role. This proves beneficial when an organisation needs to store sensitive data privately while facilitating employee access to apps and resources in the public cloud for daily communication and collaboration. IT-Works leverages proprietary software to enable seamless communication between these cloud services, typically managed through a unified IT management console, providing organisations with a comprehensive and tailored cloud solution that maximises efficiency and security.

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